Problems are personal, bereavement, depression, stress, relationship breakdowns and anxiety can all feel unbearable and isolating. The reasons for seeking counselling or psychotherapy are as unique and varied as we are. Sometimes we have an idea of what is annoying or upsetting us. Sometimes we struggle to understand issues that darken our days. We might enter a cycle of blame or self-loathing in which we get lost, finding it difficult to move forwards in our lives.

I offer psychodynamic counselling which is a talking therapy. It aims to explore both past and present aspects of our lives with the hope of coping better with grief, depression or stress. Counselling can offer the time we lack in everyday life to acknowledge and examine the losses, anxieties or frustrations we may be feeling. It can also create the space we need to reflect on the assumptions and beliefs that might be underpinning these feelings and which may be burdening or overwhelming us. We might explore what or who impacts on, or has contributed towards, our current beliefs or ways of looking at relationships or situations. In doing so, we can reflect on and re-evaluate the significance and meaning of these past triggers or events in light of our life today and take those steps towards enabling change and growth.